Simple badminton life (#008)

Talking about how simple life would be to just play badminton and work.

Day events:

  • Played the rest of the championships.
  • Got quarters in mixed and singles. I am satisfied with this performance even though I wish I had more energy in singles to play well against Derek.
  • It was a very weird experience to play with little sleep. Definitely do not recommend.

Thought of the day: Attractiveness of a simple life

I've spent the past 2 days solely focused on one thing: playing the best badminton I could.

As someone who constantly strives to improve in my life, I very rarely get the chance to concentrate on one single thing.

I must say that it feels quite nice.

In an alternate life, I could probably see myself just doing my 9 to 5, concentrate on badminton and hangout with my badminton friends.

Unfortunately, I have more broad plans for my life than this.

Maybe in the next life !

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