Sleep + 10000 hours (#161)

Day highlights:

  • Fun work discussion with the whole team.
  • Gym session (still love this program).
  • Good badminton session before tomorrow's team tournament.
  • Ate out with Los Tres Amigos Y Una Amiga at Mae sriiiiiii.
  • Dropped JB home home xx.

Thought of the day:

I'm so dead and need to sleep now in order not to be dead tomorrow.

Some quick things I learned today is that I can have 1 day of bad sleep without being affected by it if I have 5 days of 8+ hours of sleep.

3 nights in a row of bad sleep will fuck me over.

I also learned that the most important thing when wanting to be successful at anything is to think about getting your 10000 hours of deliberate practice.

You might not be a master or an expert at the end of it, but you'll be damn good that's for sure.

It also allows us to have a bias towards action (let me just get some hours in) instead of a bias for perfection (thinking about what's the BEST way to learn this).

Good night.

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