Small rant about time (#016)

a small, tired rant about time lmao. have fun.

Day events:

  • Vacuumed + mopped quickly.
  • Spent a lovely day shopping with JB.
  • Freestyled on a beat (cringe).
  • Tried to sing some remote karaoke (maybe there should be an online app for this).

Thought of the day:


It always comes down to fucking time.

I know I wrote yesterday that some people might say time is the most precious resource, but, in my particular case, I think it really is because I always seem to run out of it.

The most frustrating part is that I don't even know why I'm struggling so much with it.

I'm not trying to do a million things.

I just want a social life, steady work, concentrate on fitness/badminton and then a side project (in this case coding).

For some reason though, I always seem to neglect my side project.

Actually, would this blog count as a side project? Maybe if I spent 30 minutes coding instead of writing this blog I would have time... hmmm...

Food for thought.

I obviously like writing my blog more than coding though.

It's fun, therapeutic and slightly engages my creative side.

Ugh, I just realized that I might have a fear of something at the end of all this.

The reason why I don't count my blog as a "side project" is simply because it doesn't build up to anything. Unless I start writing more "professionally", I won't be able to leverage this later on.

Whereas coding I can.

I honestly think that I'm not comfortable with "just" having a 9 to 5, playing badminton and chilling with friends.

I have no idea why.

Anyway, I babbled enough. Here are the 3 things I can do about my time issue:

  1. Schedule some dedicated time every week for coding.
  2. Think about why I'm uncomfortable with the above situation, realize my irrational fear and then have no pressure about starting a side project.
  3. Do nothing and continue to say "FML".



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