Solar system of a life (#022)

My fucking weird analogy of wanting my life to resemble our solar system.

Day events:

  • Ate at the OG Shake Shack.
  • Walked around central park with the DG team.
  • Chilled at the airport for a few hours (delayed flight).
  • Yack yacked with mr PDS in the plane about life and careers.

Thought of the day:

FYI: writing this in the airport so I'm not quite done with my day yet.

Today was my last day in NYC and similarly to most of my trips, I couldn't wait to get back.

Don't get me wrong. The trip was super fun and I had a great time, but I'm also glad to be coming back to my sun.

As I grow older and live through new experiences, I start to realize that there are certain elements of my life that I never want to move. To the point where if I don't have them for a few days, I might start being in a foul mood.

Fitness, or more specifically badminton right now, is one of these. It doesn't matter where the fuck I am in the world or what I'm even doing. If I don't get in a decent workout (not some, let me walk 10000 steps bullshit) at least once every 3 days or something, I will feel like shit.

Actually, it's not even that I feel like shit, it's more like I feel incomplete. It's a part of me. For me to be the best version of myself (the thing I strive to do all the time), working out is something I need to do.

Other examples of things that are "my sun" are doing meaningful work (or maybe exciting work), eating healthy foods (fruits & veggies) and being around "my people".

My list is pretty short right now, but I'm fine with it. I don't think this list should be extremely long. Besides, I still have a lot of self-exploration to do on my side. Maybe there will be more later on.

Anyway, that's the concept of "my sun".

So what do the planets represent then?

Well, pretty much everything else !

I don't want to push the analogy too far because I honestly know very little about astronomy (I'm  even unsure if this is the right term lol), but bear with me here.

The only thing I know is that planets and other shit revolve around the sun and that planets are also in constant movements themselves (like how the earth turns).

I believe that I want everything else in my life to be constantly moving, always changing, always slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time, always revolving around my sun.

In regards to work, I want to do meaningful and exciting work all the time. But I also want my projects, co-workers, work environement , etc. to be constantly changing.

I want my weeks to always be different, filled with new experiences, but I also want to have my 4-5 fitness sessions.

To conclude, I have no idea if what I'm writing makes any sense to other people, but it makes sense to me and I guess that's all that matters lol.

My sun doesn't move. Things in the sun can and should move.

Everything else moves around my sun and moves within themselves also.

That's it.

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