Starting a new habit isn't automatic (#164)

Day highlights:

  • Rough start to the day with the news that I missed signing up for the badmintonquebec coaching modules again (the system is so dumb).
  • Day got better by having a light discussion with my coworkers.
  • Day got better again by having a good physio session. It was a relief to learn that my hip issue was simply muscle stiffness and muscle imbalances.
  • Continued the AWS certification class (it was not as interesting today, the IAM platform is useful, but boring, but crazy that amazon employees thought of creating this).
  • Found my first app to build.
  • Played badminton (practiced deception + left handed play)
  • Went to go get bubble tea at shuyii (took raisins rich cream and did not like it)

Thought of the day:

It fascinates how many mental barriers there are between thinking of doing something and actually doing it.

Life would be much nicer for everyone if these barriers did not exist.

Unfortunately, they do. We just have to learn to live with them or find a way to get past them.

I say this because, as I was finishing up my blog yesterday, I knew I was mentally prepared to start a new week and a new habit.

Yet, when I woke up today, I realized that there were a few things I had to figure out before starting this new habit.

Part of it were excuses and part of it was genuinely not wanting to work on something random.

Hence, today, instead of starting my new habit, I had a brainstorming session about what to build.

I do not take this as a loss though. There will probably be days where I'll need to think things through and it's just part of the process of building.

I guess I was just baffled that I was ready to start and then realized that I wasn't ready ready to start.

I'll also start a new blog in order to document my other journey because I want this to stay my personal. Will be posting once a week on the other one probably.

Good night.

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