Testing my character (#125)

Day highlights:

  • Woke up in a good mood.
  • Meditated.
  • Worked a few hours thanks to Pomodoro.
  • Went over to my mom's place to eat supper.
  • Badminton practice at malepart (a bit frustrating, I think Mr. WHAAAT and I have different visions, definitely need to talk to him about it).
  • Dropped JB home home home.
  • Got a ticket for passing a red light (remember: shit happens, just take the L and move on).

Thought of the day:

Today, I learned that in every testing moment, we all have two main choices. Act the way you normally would or act the way you would like to act.

When I got stopped by the cops a few hours ago, I definitely opted for option number 1 rather than option 2. I acted out and had stupid thoughts for no good reason.

I'm glad I was aware enough to self analyze myself afterwards though.

What made me opt for option 1 rather than option 2?

I feel like once we know that reasons for our behaviour, it's a lot easier to change them.

I'm definitely not happy about the ticket; however, I'm grateful that I was given an uncomfortable situation that allowed me to test my character. I obviously failed this test, but I'll be better prepared for the next one... hopefully.

It's very easy to forget, but one bad choice does not define my whole character and does not define who I am either.

I sometimes think that everything I've worked on and built gets totally destroyed after one mistake and it's simply not true.

If I count how many right choices I made compared to how many wrong choices I made, I probably have a score of 90% or more and it's a much better perspective to have than to think that one wrong choice accounts for 100% of my character or who I am.

To conclude, I think we're all humans and we're going to make mistakes in life. The importance is to learn from them, move on and do/be better next time.

Good night.

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