I miss being a beginner (#165)

Day highlights:

  • Spent the day working / studying with JB.
  • JB made an excellent sauce for the vegetable stir-fry.
  • Watched a few episodes of Over the Garden Wall.
  • Badminton coaching (it was fun playing left handed, reminded me of when I first started).
  • Started my physio exercises (that adductor exercise is crazy painful LOL).
  • Started a Vue3 tutorial.

Thought of the day:

There's something really calming about the idea of starting everything over.

When I played left-handed in badminton today, it sparked in me the joy I felt when I first started playing badminton.

It was the joy of being able to play the game simply to enjoy it. It was also fun to just concentrate on trying to make the right shot.

The other example I have of this is in regards to coding.

Starting my first project tonight made me realize that a lot of the hate I have/had for coding has nothing to do with the act of coding. It has everything to do with me getting in my own way.

I remember the joy I first felt when I coded my first application. The code was probably fucking horrible, but it worked and that was enough for me.

As I became a better developer though, I became more aware of the best practices and that there was a difference between good code and bad code. So much so that most of my time now isn't spent on thinking about how to build the application, but rather to think about what's the best way / best code to build it.

Having it simply work is no longer enough. It has to work AND be coded well.

I guess it just comes with the territory of being more educated in a certain domain.

I'm still jealous of those fresh beginners who get excited because they made the longest for loop and if-else statement to make something work. Horrible code, but they don't care. They were able to build something out of their mind and into the world.

I wonder if there's a way for me to forget that I've ever been a developer and just start building like I'm a beginner.

Good night.

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