Three thoughts I've been having (#135)

Day highlights:

  • Woke up next to JB.
  • Went to brunch with Mr. FS & Mr.CPA.
  • Had some great discussions with JB (okay, more like me doing a lot of talking, but she was listening very well !!).
  • Supper with momma, my brother and his girlfriend.

Thought of the day:

Part 1: Dare to Dream.

My past problem was dreaming too much.

When you combine an expert dreamer with the worst executer, you end up creating one heck of a miserable dreamer. Day dreaming about all the things you want to create without ever materializing anything is quite depressing.

When you combine a decent executer without dreams, you end up creating a slightly happy person with no direction. It's a nice path to follow for a while, but ends up being empty after a while.

I have been in both of these positions. The first one was who I was after University and before moving out. The second one is me after moving out.

Although a slight upgrade in mood, I still feel a sense of emptiness in regards to my life.

Maybe it's lack of sleep. Maybe it's lack of free time. Maybe it's a fear of dreaming.

Regardless of what it is, it made it very hard for me to dream and although I do not want to go back to who I was before moving out, I definitely miss my inner dreamer. He who thought that everything was possible, at least, in his head.

I want to start dreaming again.

Part 2: Having More Fun.

I noticed that I haven't given myself a lot of time to have fun.

Since I've moved, I think everything has always been so serious.

My free time was dedicated to chores, productivity or adulting.

I don't like the fact that my life has become so serious, as if I've passed a magical age where I'm now supposed to always be responsible.

What happened to late nights watching animes?

What happened to spending a few hours singing my favorite songs?

What happened to taking dance classes for fun?

What happened to gaming with friends?

I used to do a bunch of shit just for the sake of it. Because it was fun for me.

Now, I feel like everything I do has to lead to something or be in purpose of some greater cause.

I'd like to have a bit more fun in my life.

When did life become so serious all the time?

Part 3: Living Life on Our Own Terms.

I guess part 1 and part 2 lead to this final part.

Part 3.

I was listening to a podcast today and one of the hosts, Shaan, was telling the story of how his trainer lived life on his own terms.

Shaan, a business guy, was trying to help his trainer start his business so he kept asking very business-y questions such as:

"Who's your ideal client?"

"What's your niche?"

"How are you optimizing your website?"

"Do you have any business cards?"


All standard questions that you usually ask someone who wants to start a business.

And the trainer simply replied:

"I don't have any of that and my clients are simply people who enjoy what I do."

It made absolutely no sense on a business perspective. It honestly sounded quite stupid and naive.

But if you fast forward to where he is now, he has a stable clientele of rich paying clients.

No website, no business cards.

He did things his own way and even to this day, he's still living life the way he wants and how he wants it.

He disregarded what everyone else did or was doing, what everyone was thinking of his plans, what conventional wisdom told him and he pushed forward with the confidence he had in himself.

I know, I know, he must be part of a few select people who thought like that and ended up succeeding, which is why I'm not saying that everyone can follow what he did.

But imagine if we did?

What if we did dare to dream?

We'd be having so much more fun.

Wouldn't it be great to live life on our own terms?

What is your dream?

Good night.

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