Todo lists are a game changer (#167)

Out of all the productivity tips and tricks out there, todo lists are the ones that work work for me.

There are multiple varieties of how one can organize a todo list; however, I believe the more steps are involved, the less one is likely to stick to the todo list.

For me, it's simply 2 tabs. One for the things I have to do today and the second for things I'll have to do eventually.

The reason why it works so well for me is because I have a clear understanding of what I have left to do. I can actually see the tasks in front of me and have the satisfaction of crossing them out whenever I complete them.

I know, it sounds so simple and silly.

It's because it actually is so simple and easy.

I used to have "everything I have to do" in my head.

The problem with that is once I start getting distracted by IG, YouTube or whatnot, suddenly my list of "everything" starts to shorten. I go from having the intention of completing 6 things today to now only having 2.

Whereas with a todo list, no matter how many times I want my tasks to disappear, the only way to make them disappear (without cheating of course) is to complete them.

All this to say, I love todo lists and I am not able to find one that suits my needs quite right, which is why.... my first app will be a todo list !

Good day.

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