Today was a perfect day (#113)

Day highlights:

  • Went to go shopping with JB and mini-JB for my wedding suit.
  • Played badminton (did some footwork, it felt so good).
  • Family supper for my brother and I's birthdays.
  • Late gym session (did upper body, pushing "heavy" weights feels amaazing).

Thought of the day:

I remember right after my gym session telling myself "ahh, this was such a perfect day".

I did everything I wanted to do.

I spent time with JB, spent time with family, played badminton (and consequently spent time with friends), trained badminton, ate some good food and went to the gym.

I know this isn't a sustainable lifestyle though.

If I repeated my perfect day every single day, it would get me nowhere.

And I don't think I ONLY want to do these 5-6 things forever either.

I have different parts of myself who have other interests and they wouldn't feel fulfilled if I only stuck to these things.

But still, I'm happy that I had a wonderful day today.

Due to my overthinking mind, I rarely ever think that my days are perfect the way they are and always wish that something didn't happen or that something more would have happened.

Today though, I feel like everything just fell into place naturally.

I wouldn't have added anything and wouldn't have removed anything either.

I guess that's why I call it a perfect day.

Not because today contained EVERYTHING I'd want in a day, but more so because I wouldn't change anything that happened.

I feel grateful to have been able to experience such a day as well as being aware of how lucky I am to have had this.

Good night.

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