Two little thoughts about today (#048)

two quick little thoughts about today, I'm FUCKING DEAD. Alcohol + hardcore training is a no no

Day events:

  • Went to the office (I really like meeting in person. The vibes are better and I'm also more concentrated work wise).
  • Had Cafe Gentile for the the first time (it was pretty good, a bit expensive though).
  • Decent productive day.
  • A bit of video chatting with the one and only JB.
  • Badminton practice (we honestly don't too a lot of complicated things, but I feel I'm improving just by playing a lot and trying different things on court - I'm also always dead after practices, which is good).
  • Went out for drinks with Mr. NYC and Miss Nugget (it was really fun to chat with them, but alcohol is definitely not my jam haha).
  • Cut myself while doing the dishes (that's what happens when you're fucking dead and you want to get things done quickly).

Thought of the day:

Listen, it's 1:48am and I had a very looong day. So do not expect much from me right now haha.

I guess I have two micro thoughts about today.

The first one being that even though it's very exhausting, I like having my days full like today. I obviously wouldn't be able to do this every single day, but when I do many things like this, it makes me believe that I'm actually living a life you know?

Like what type of life is simply going to work, then watching Netflix during the whole evening and then going to bed. Just to be clear, I'm not judging anyone who does it, in fact, those people are probably "happier" than me.

I'm simply not content with that lifestyle and, personally, I would rather fill up my days with things that make me feel alive / excitement.

The second thought I had was in regards to topic of discussions with people.

While getting drinks today, I noticed that what I find fascinating is getting to know people in general. Either that or learning about certain subjects (usually through the lens of the person I'm talking to).

I liked our discussions today because there weren't many (or barely) mentions of other people.

There was definitely no gossiping happening and I'm all for it.

With time, I understood that discussing about personal issues or ideas was a lot more mentally rewarding than to talk about other people.

Okay, I'm about to pass the fuck out, I can barely keep my eyes open so PEACE.

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