What am I willing to sacrifice? (#091)

Day Highlights:

  • Little yak yak session with Mr. PDS
  • Viet festival with Mr. PDS + VietGirl
  • Saw Mrs Artist perform live for the first time.
  • A little bit of badminton
  • Late night supper with the bad gang + Mrs Indo
  • Drove JB back home and had a super fun karaoke / dance session in the car xx

Thought of the day:

I had a brief talk with my brother today and both of us were pondering on this one question:

Is it possible to become untraditionally successful while maintaining a balance in most areas of our lives?

By successful, we simply mean making enough money to live the lifestyle we want.

By untraditionally successful, we both mean that we wanted our success to derive from something we built or helped build aka not making x amount per year at a company and become successful that way.

By balance in most areas of our lives, we're mostly talking about having friends, a relationship, playing badminton (for me) / volleyball (for him), going to the gym and not killing our health in the process (eating and sleeping decently).

On some deeper level, we both know that, if we really wanted to, we could pick something, dedicate an insane amount of hours to getting really good at it and we'd eventually find success there.

The problem is that we both enjoy the process of things and sacrificing absolutely everything to be successful is not our cup of tea.

That's why it got us wondering if it was doable.

If it is doable then great, we'll eventually find our groove and work on it until we become successful.

However, if it's not doable, the question then becomes how bad do we really want to be successful?

What are we willing to sacrifice in order to attain that?

Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices?


Will we eventually find that one thing that'll make us so obsessed that we won't care about sacrificing everything else for it?

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