What is my mental blocker? (#049)

I discovered I had a mental blocker while talking with Mr. PDS. I need to find what it is if I want to move on.

Day events:

  • Spent the morning setting up my arm + monitor.
  • Morning / early afternoon video chat with JB !
  • Gymm (it was a fun workout).
  • Supper time + another video call with the one and only... miss JB !! (lots of laughs, it was fun hahaha xx)
  • Badminton (I lost a lot of games today, but played pretty well despite the heavy training schedule).
  • Yak yak yak yak with Mr.PDS (had been a looong time and it was great as always, love you bro. Even though we're probably both tired as fuck fuck shit).

Thought of the day:

I almost gave up on my streak today, but good thing I have a subject ish to talk about.

At the end end of my yak yak session with Mr. PDS, he was telling me how the company he's currently working for was overall pretty great.

I agreed with the statement, but internally, I knew that, even though it was a great company, I could not see myself working there.

In fact, I even pushed it a few steps further and asked myself "is there even a company that you'd describe what they do to me and I'd be interested in working for?"

The quick answer seemed to be "No."

That means that I have a mental blocker somewhere that constantly makes me think and unmotivates (is this even a word?) me to think of where to go to next.

Which is obviously bad because it means I'll always have a hard time planning my next move. But if I discover the mental blocker, I might be able to either unblock or use the information to plan my next move accordingly.

Alright, that's all you're getting from my air filled mind tonight. Peace.

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