What role do I want to play in the fitness industry? (#133)

Day highlights:

  • Continued reading TB12, I like sports and fitness so much. Even more so now that I'm aware of it.
  • Office day (just a whole lot of talking and not a lot of working).
  • Went to eat out with the team.
  • Played badminton (wow, foam rolling makes such a difference).
  • Ate at Saison de Corée with the gang (wow again, the soy garlic chicken and just a soup... excellent !)
  • Lucky to have JB by my side while we are both writing.

Thought of the day:

Today, I was researching the physiotherapy and kinesiology programs.

The one thing I got from my trip to Chicago (except for good quality time with Mr. Physio) is a confirmation in my interest of fitness. Not only in terms of hobby, but possibly in terms of career also.

All this is pretty scary to think of though. Going back to school, at 27-28. Even if I only do a bachelors in Kinesiology, which is 3 years, I'd still only graduate at 31 years old.

The opportunity cost of going back to school is scary. How much further along in my professional career would I be? How much more money could I make / save?

And I know, logically speaking, it makes sense to sacrifice 3-5 additional years in order to "save" 35 years of possible misery (unless I make it big and retire early).

The other possibility is to do a certification like JB and try to build my career that way.

I wouldn't really know what my end goal would be though.

Do I want to be a fitness trainer / influencer?

Do I want to be head athletics of a sports team?

Do I want to own my own gym?

I don't know yet, but I want to figure out before making any big decisions.

After today's office day, I definitely do not see myself in an office job for much longer though.

Good night.

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