What should I read? (#005)

Should I read the same book to keep the ideas at the top of my mind or read other books to expand my knowledge?

Day Events:

  • Worked on sending out NPS.
  • Had a fun conversation with Noemie, T and Vic.
  • Small karaoke session while working.
  • Finished reading "How to Live" [HtL] by Derek Sivers for the second time.
  • Played some good badminton (only mixte).

Thought of the day: Confused about balancing reading material.

First of all, let me congratulate myself for reading HtL a second time because this is literally the first time in my whole life that I've read a book twice.

Mind you, the book is only 77 pages, which definitely helped, but it's also my high level of agreement with the content of this book that made me do it.

In the book, Derek Sivers has a whole chapter on "following your book", which can be summed up as "pick a book that you agree with and follow it to a T without changing for another book."

As of now, that book for me is HtL.

There are many chapters that I highly agree with and I would greatly benefit from keeping these concepts at the top of my mind.

The issue I'm facing in regards to this is knowing at which frequency should I read this book.

Indeed, because I always want to keep the concepts fresh in my mind, I'm tempted to continually read the book.

The problem with this is that it doesn't allow me to read any other books.

I guess, as per the last chapter of the book, life is about balance.

Maybe I can re-read it every other book. Or maybe every third book.

All in all, I'm happy that I've found this book and would recommend it to anyone who's a bit confused about how to live their lives.

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