What to do for my body (#030)

Post about how my body is at odds with my job.

Day events:

  • Badminton training with Mr. NYC, Mr. FS, Mr. WHAAAT and Miss JB (felt good to train again even though I was pretty tired).
  • Enjoyed life by getting Cafe Olimpico, Falafel Yoni and Kem Coba.
  • Achievement #2 unlocked.
  • Blessed by my mom who brought in some essential items for the apartment.
  • Went over to my mom's to eat with broski (whole family reunited ! it's been a while).
  • Fun conversation with the broski (also been a while).
  • Unloaded some boxes at the apartment and getting ready to get back to reality tomorrow.

Thought of the day:

This extended weekend / mini vacation was amazing. Definitely one of the best weekends of the year so far (based on how I felt) and will definitely be a part of my mental book of good memories.

As such, I feel like it is only right to dedicate a longer post aka not 15 minutes before having to go to sleep.

Today, I'll be writing about a subject that's been on my mind since Thursday.

How in the world should I balance my job and the health of my body !

Let me explain.

Due to the circumstances of the move, I feel like my body was always in motion for the past 4 days.

I never had a period of more than 15 minutes where my body was not moving (except while I was sleeping obviously).

But thanks to this, I feel like my body is starting to get back to where it was pre-graduation... you know, when I wasn't "forced" to be in front of the computer every day for 8 hours.

I mean sure, getting a standing desk helped and there are different techniques that one can use to be more ergonomic in their work setup, but you know a better way of fixing all this?

Just don't freaking be on the computer every day for 8 hours. It's fucking insane. Our bodies are not meant to do this !!

And this puts me in a dilemma... Why?

Well, because my job (and most related jobs) requires me to do so.

Wait... I feel like I've already written about this before lol. Anyway, doesn't matter, it's still on my mind meaning I haven't found a solution for it yet.

Physical health is something extremely important to me because I feel the most joy when my body is in motion (badminton, gymming, running, walking outside, etc.) and, consequently, I want to take care of my body as much as possible.

I've already had multiple long-lasting injuries and I really hate it. That feeling you get when you know your body isn't at its best is so annoying. Not even annoying, more than annoying. It's FRUSTRATING.

I've always thought that this might be a sign. My body physically telling me that what I'm currently doing is not meant for me. Now, that I write it down, it's actually an interesting concept to think about.

What if all this is a physical sign of my body, my being rejected my job because I'm meant to do something that brings me (and my body) joy.

I don't know, this probably isn't the case, but it's certainly interesting to think about.

So yeah, I don't really know what to do about this.

I'm sure there are multiple jobs that do not require me to be on the computer all day long.

At the same time, I don't know how many of them I would actually like and/or be good at and/or would pay enough for me to be financially stress free (I've been less greedy lately, but I've also seen an increase in the importance of money - maybe I'll make a post about it).

I need to think more about this, but definitely not tonight.


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