When to progressive overload in my life (#061)

Fun little post about a small concern I have on when to add more to my "man of words" goal.

Day events:

  • Woke up, meditated and set my tasks for the day (4 of them. Completed all of them again ! fuck yeahhh).
  • Completed two work related tasks today (one of them, I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to finish, but I just asked a bunch of people for help and was able to get it done !).
  • Went to Structube to pay off the balance for our sofaaa (I can't wait to have a place where I can morph into a potato and just live my potato life - related to this, there were so many blockers for this, I probably could have given up and done it another day, but I persevered and still did it ! Hoorayyy).
  • Killer gym session (For upper body, I usually do 4 sets, but because it was my only upper body session this week, I decided to do 5 sets and sheeesh. Killer haha).
  • Pretty good badminton session also (badminton right after gym is pretty exhausting, especially if the gym session was already exhausting !).

Thought of the day:

I've been having a hard time lately finding inspiration for these posts.

I feel like it's been a while since I wrote a really good post (actually, end of Act I was a pretty good one haha).

On one end, it's probably because when things are going well, my mind tends to think less and another reason is also that during the week, my schedule is pretty packed so I'm just doing doing doing all the time and don't really have time to think think think.

That was just a side note.

Today's topic is about knowing when's the right time to level up.

One of the first cool concepts I learned, when I started going to the gym, is the concept of progressive overload [PO]. For people who are unfamiliar, PO is the act of adding weight, frequency or repetitions to a workout plan in order to promote muscle growth. Basically, make shit a little harder now and then so that your body doesn't get too comfortable (I think it actually has to do with like the tearing of muscle tissue, but whatever).

When it comes to workouts, there are multiple ways to go about PO. A very simple one is, let's say you're doing 4 sets of 10 of a particular exercise. When at the end of the 4th set, 10 reps is still easy for you, then you should probably add more weight or sets or reps.

Anyway, I'm not a fucking gym expert so I don't want to dive too deeply into my workout analogy, what I was getting at is that, at the gym, I have a pretty good idea of when to add more to my workout, but what about when it comes to being a man of my words?

Right now, because I started from basically level 0 or maybe level 1, I didn't want to overwhelm myself too much. I know for a fact that if I tried to go from "my words mean absolutely nothing to me, whatever I say, I usually do not do" to "I AM NOW A MAN OF MY WORDS. LET ME START THIS BIG ASS PROJECT AND FINISH IT", I would have likely failed.

Okay, not even likely, I would have failed. How do I know that? Because I've tried countless times in the past.

No, this time I went fucking patiently with this.

I told myself that per day, I can only have 4 tasks max !

And not only can there be only 4, but the 4 tasks need to be easy.


I'm slowly building up.

It's almost like a video game.

When you first start off any game, you don't start level 200 and try to go defeat the big bad boss. No, you start Level 1 and you go kill some easy targets that'll give you exp (experience points), confidence and that probably won't kill you.

Then, once you start leveling up, gaining new skills, you slowly start to go hunt stronger monsters.

I'm trying to do exactly the same thing here.

Except, I don't know when I should "level up" or when I should "add more weight".

I actually have a CODING project in mind that's very related to the concept that I just explained (gamifying discipline / become a man/woman of your words) and thinking about it excites me.

But, I'm also afraid that if I commit to this relatively big project, while I'm still at Level 1, I might try to hunt it and die in the process (metaphorically) and, right now, I do NOT want to go back to who I used to be (aka saying that I'll do a bunch of shit and never doing them).

I guess "chaque chose en son temps".

I'll just continue grinding out on these small monsters for now until I feel comfortable enough to attempt this big bad boss.

I'm looking forward to it though, I feel like it might be a fun project to attempt !

Small note:

It's funny how all my life, I've been trying to run away from coding, but because it's such a useful tool or ingrained in my thought process so much, I can't seem to escape it. I obviously don't want to be a developer. Coding every single day for hours on end is simply not my vibe. However, coding something that capital I want to make and work on it a few hours per week? That seems cool enough haha.

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