Why I'll continue to write daily (#047)

small post about why I'll continue writing daily even if they're shitty posts.

Day events:

  • Attended a few meetings at work and am starting to get some projects going (but I'm really not motivated lol).
  • Made a pretty bomb and easy to make breakfast (new nijahusa staple breakfast haha).
  • Rest of the work day was a blur (what I'm trying to avoid).
  • Got to talk lots with JB and it was fun (also some less fun topics, but thank you for sharing as always !)
  • Upper body gym session (my arms were feeeeeling it, me likey).
  • Good badminton session after (I kinda like this gym + eat + badminton combo).

Thought of the day:

It is currently 12:50am, I have an office day tomorrow and I literally have noo inspiration for this post.

That's the hard thing about dedicating myself to writing every day.

On one end, I feel like it's good to practice creating something every single day because it removes the notion of "I'll only post when I have something really interesting to say", which I would 100% use all the time.

Who am I to say what is or isn't interesting? Obviously, I can have my own opinion on what I write, but sometimes, you never know what other people might find interesting.

I might write some post where I'm like "this is a shit post" and someone might relate to it or it might make them think about something else and, in that sense, my post served it's purpose (oh, actually I might write about why I write publicly vs keeping it in a journal).

But, at the same time, I also believe that people should only create things because they want to not because they have to.

Like today for example, would be a perfect instance of "I have nothing going through my head right now, let me not write a post".

However, there are times when I start off with no particular subject in mind and because I want to keep my streak going, I start randomly writing on the page, and then the momentum slowly picks up and I end up writing something that I'm "proud of".

That is why, I will continue writing every day until I lose my streak even if it means writing a shitty post like today's... just in case I end up getting a creative spark and write something meaningful to me and others.

Because writing a thousand shitty posts is worth it if out of it, I can get one good post :)

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