Writing shortly and never wanting to take a step back (#065)

2 short comments. One reminder about how it's okay to write shorter blog posts. The other about a lack of focus or perhaps a fear of taking a step back.

Day events:

  • Brunch with Mr. PDS (Haven't been to L'Oeufrier in a while so I forgot how good it was !)
  • Very exciting conversation about some potential side projects we could make.
  • Accompanied Mr. PDS to go get Mrs. Arch at the airport.
  • Ate some good pho at my mom's and spent some time with her (obviously).

Thought of the day:

I want to write two comments.

The first one is in regards to my writing. I noticed that the more I started writing longer posts (such as the one I wrote yesterday), the more I tend to want to write longer posts.

Consequently, I've been finding it harder and harder to write something "interesting" or on a subject that I can extensively expand on.

The truth is, when I first started this blog, I knew that this was going to happen so I don't myself to only write what you felt was necessary. If it's 1000 words, then it'll be 1000 words. If it's 200 words, then it'll be 200 words.

I wanted to remind myself of this today.

Second comment is related to a discussion I was having with Mr. PDS today.

It's about focus.

In general, I still feel like I lack focus in one specific area and I'm now wondering why that is.

I can't be too hard on myself, right now though, because, after all, I barely even started to actually complete my daily tasks , but eventually, I think my tasks should build up to something greater.

And, overall, I still feel like I have a hard time doing that.

The example I told Mr. PDS was about making an app that'll generate enough passive income to stop my full-time job.

Both of us agreed that if we really focus and dedicate about 3-4 months to building this app, it should be possible to build something that'll make something like ~30-40k the first year and then double that the second year (which is enough to cover my current salary).

Yet, I find it hard to drop everything else in order to concentrate for those 4 months even though, in the long term, it's probably a very good move to do.

Another example is in badminton. I'm at a point where I think I want to rework my footwork in order to really master it (one of my biggest weaknesses is my overhead, which can be fixed by reworking my footwork) and yet, even here, I find myself not wanting to sacrifice all my gains in the other areas.

I think this says a lot about me as a person.

It's as if I'm unable to take a step back even if that step back will generate 3 steps forward.

It's as if I want my progression to be a linear line that it constantly going up albeit more slowly than a graph that goes down for a little bit and then up exponentially.

Something to think about on my end !

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